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small lot homes
The designs evermore have been an integral part of prove that narrow lot living is more than what you’d expect.  Our clients are always pleasantly surprised how much you can fit into a small lot design

The Small Lot Code was implemented to ensure new houses on small lots are designed within specific guidelines. evermore’s vast experience with these types of projects means we are able to provide a shrewd solution to any small lot project.  We create innovative design solutions that compliment your lifestyle by ensuring elements such as the following are considered throughout our design process:

+ maximise livability and space to suit your desired lifestyle
+ better privacy and outlook from and for neighbouring properties
+ house sizes blend in with surrounding properties
+ solar consideration so natural light and breezes are optimised

The experienced team at evemore homes will assist you throughout our enjoyable process from initial design through to completion of your stunning home.  We have undertaken this practice many times with our clients and understand the relevant development and building codes intimately that are unique to infill areas, ensuring you a smooth and efficient journey.

Some useful information relating to the Small Lot Code that may assist in your initial investigations:

+ What is a small or narrow lot? A lot with an average width less than 15 metres and or with an area less than 450m2 (for example, the traditional 16 perch lot).

+ A rear lot (‘battle axe block’) less than 600m2 in size, these types of Small Lots are more common in older suburbs.

+ Many existing properties, particularly in the inner suburbs, have a house straddling two existing Small Lots on an 809m2 (or 32 perch) parcel of land.

+ Most existing titles in these suburbs were subdivided more than eighty years ago. They were not built on then because land was so cheap.

+ If a Small Lot house design complies in full with the Small Lot Code it is deemed ‘self assessable’ and can be approved by a private building certifier (does not need to go directly to the local Council for approval).  This is because the requirements of the Code regulates the size of house and other critical design elements, meeting these requirements ensures that houses are of an appropriate size for the land and do not impact on the amenity of neighbouring properties.

+ Council planning approval is required for any small lot house proposed in a Demolition Control Precinct, even if it complies with the provisions of the Residential Design—Small Lot Code.  This is so Council can assess the design to ensure it respects the character of pre–1946 housing in the street. However, no public advertising is required.

For a more comprehensive insight into the small lot code, please visit the following Small Lot link to the Brisbane City Council Website.

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