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Sustainable by Design – Greensmart design strategies for an energy efficient home

Being Greensmart is more than being aware of the environment, It is about being positioned to encourage the voluntary uptake of environmentally responsible housing solutions through effective use of design and construction methods, utilizing the concept of solar passive design and designing for our climate as the fundamental elements for sustainable greensmart homes.

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If you are about to build or renovate your home, you may wish to consider making it as energy efficient as possible. evermore designed homes, being an accredited HIA Greesnsmart professional, are accustomed to recommending the highest standard of cost-effective and state-of-the-art energy efficient designs and construction methods.  We are familiar with the latest in construction techniques and energy efficient products on the marketplace, and use this extensive knowledge and understanding to ensure every project optimises energy efficiency without compromising your homes aesthetic values.

The team at evermore are at the forefront of sustainable and environmentally friendly design and are dedicated to providing comprehensive consultancy and design services to meet the ever-changing requirements of the building industry whilst establishing sustainable building practices to conserve the environment for future generations.  The easiest way to ensure your home’s energy efficiency is to design it to suit our Queensland climate. By taking advantage of free natural warmth from sunlight and cooling from breezes you’ll reduce your need to use costly energy for heating and cooling. By careful building design this can easily be achieved.

A few things to consider when designing your home to be cool in summer and warm in winter; you must take into account more than just the materials used. There are a number of key factors to consider:

+ Orientation – Placement of your house the on your block in relation to the sun.

+ Internal Room layout

+ Window Placement, sizing & shading

+ Use of Insulation – A wall’s ability to isolate temperature.

+ Ventilation – Air flow through the house.

+ Draught Proofing

+ Mass – Heavy weight and some light weight wall materials slow the passage of heat through a wall, a process called ‘thermal lag’.  We always look to  incorporate energy effective use of external materials such as Energy Efficient wall cladding systems

+ Use of energy efficient appliances, fittings and fixtures

+ Landscaping – Garden’s can provide significant climate modification effects

+ It is important to tailor the passive design features of your home to each climate and the orientation of the design to suit your block of land.

If you are about to build or renovate your home, be sure to give the team at evermore a call to discuss your Greensmart building options to ensure you are saving money in the face of rising energy costs, just be getting the design of your home right.



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