It is the combined experience of evermore’s three senior partners that identified a niche in Southeast Queensland’s building market – the need for personalised home design and high quality construction for discerning home buyers who were not interested in, or could not see themselves living in their dream home built by volume project home builders.

It is from this joint belief and with more than 60 years industry experience, evermore designed homes was founded.  Having enjoyed successful careers with some of Australia’s largest builders and suppliers, the three partners recognised an opportunity in the market to deliver more.

Luke Maguire oversees the design and procurement of the projects, while Craig Wheatley ensures the integrity of the operational process is consistently maintained and Nic Johnston applies a superior level of craftsmanship and quality control when building your home.

Luke met Craig and Nic in the early 90′s when all three were learning their building trade with the Queensland Master Builders Association (QMBA), Craig and Nic go back even further, in fact to the sand pit days at kindergarden in the late 70′s, a mateship that has lasted over 40 years.

Nic & Craig in their school days

Throughout their respective careers all three have taken various journey’s and honed their individual skills, coming together 10 years ago to collaboratively apply their experiences and found evermore.  Luke, Craig and Nic all play an integral role in delivering an exquisitely designed home with distinctive features, inclusive pricing and superior workmanship.

They are all of the belief that building your home is not just a process, but a journey and one that the whole team at evermore share with you together.  They know they can deliver a better home building experience for clients who seek a personalised home design and building partner.


“Through our professional association with industry leading town planners, engineers and suppliers we can design and deliver a home to suit your personal lifestyle. I personally ensure that you are provided with the latest high quality products at competitive prices”

– Craig Wheatley, Operations Director


“With our experience and history in the building industry we enjoy productive relationships with South East Queensland’s best trades-people, ensuring our homes maintain awarding winning industry best quality”

– Nic Johnston, Construction Director


“Service that goes above and beyond is something homebuyers should simply take for granted , it’s our mantra”

– Luke Maguire, Managing Director

We are a small team at evermore,  we all love the market we are in and working with our clients to create their dream homes is extremely rewarding.  All of our clients are known to us as individuals, not as numbers.  We each care for your home personally.  We intentionally never seek to build more than twenty homes a year.  Personal service is a cultural passion at evermore, we are all here to share your journey to help create a home that you will be proud to say it is an evermore designed home.


“We believe that due to the breadth of skills required in a design and construct building firm it requires more than one key person, so we spread the load between the three of us and keep each other accountable to our areas of expertise. This approach I am sure gives us the edge over our competitors, for our clients it portrays our unselfish approach to business, we keep it very real”

– Luke Maguire



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